My New Blog!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is my blog-site.  It’s my first time to edit a blog so forgive me if this is a bit boring. 

Last night, Mark Daniel and I went out after dinner to take pictures of the break in Mud Bay Road at the point where the creek had washed out the culvert.  It was quite a sight!

When we got to the flahsing road lights, the baracade, and the roar of the creek that had turned into a mini-river, it was pitch dark, windy, and raining hard.  I could not see anything up ahead but the baracade.  I had no idea how steep the cliff was or how deep the water was. 

As I reached over to my camera bag to put the sun-shade on the front of my superwide (10-22mm) lens, I was thinking, ‘Hmmm.. they call it a SUN shade, but the only reason I’m using it right now is for some HOPE of blocking the rain.’  Mark Daniel interruped my thoughts with a question from his carseat behind the driver’s seat. 

“Daddy, can I go out and look at the road too?”

The question took me off guard.  I hadn’t even considered allowing him out of the car. I’d assumed it would be dangerous.  I looked around.  It was pitch dark. It was raining.  I didn’t know where the edge was.  He can’t swim.  I couldn’t find him if he were to fall in the casm.  But still, he is a person with his own dreams and wishes…  I could see how he’d like to come to the edge of whatever I was about to see…

I said to him…

What do you think?  Did I say yes or no?  Stay tuned.


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