Random thoughts

Friday, December 02, 2005

Yesterday I went to the Revelations class which is taught by Ron Horn at the Presby.  It was an interesting class and quite a thought provoking time.  I took copious notes so that I could be able to explain the content to Holly.  I’m sure I missed a few points, but I got the gist of it, the gestalt.

The class grade book is on-line this year(www.gradenetwork.com), so students and parents can check their grades when it’s convenient for them–which is nice–some parents say.  The only thing about it that I’m not happy with is that I don’t get a chance to update the grades as often as I’d like as it is a time consuming process.  The cool thing about it is that once the data is entered every stakeholder has access to it–not just me.  So I think the time spent is worth it.

I’d just like another hour per day so that I could update the grades on the site more often.

I’m interested in using strobes.  I think the next big thing I need to do in the photographic realm is start using strobes.  They are difficult for some to learn but since I understand the inverse square law of propogation from a point, I dont think it’ll be that tough. 

Some of the new sound devices out there are tempting me to get back into sound recording.  The product that looks the most interesting is Edirol’s R-1 CompactFlash recording device.  It appeals to me becuase I’m already very familiar with the CF media and have all it takes to use it and the sound files would not have to be played into the computer in real-time to get very high quality sound–better than CD quality.  This is appealing becuase the sound quality would be the equal of minidisc and yet the time savings would be huge.

I think it would be cool if my brother-in-law had an R-1 to take with him in his music performances so his parents could hear the various performances he does via downloads over the internet or via CD’s that he could mail them.  It’d be almost like ‘being there’–which would be too expensive.


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