Alien Bees!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Today I’m proctoring the SAT.  It should be a nice relaxing time.  I need to spend some time working through some Calculus problems anyway.  If I wasn’t going in for another day of school, I’d be wanting to go out and photograph eagles.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to use strobes more so I can use lower ISO’s and also stop more action.  Evidently that’s how all the magazine sports photographers get such clean cool images, by using big strobes up on the catwalk.  It would be cool if I could get up on a catwalk too, but seeing that there’s no catwalk at our gym, I’ll have to first try bouncing them off the ceiling.

I bought two X1600 strobes from white lightning (they are 660 w/s) used off ebay for $425 each, the seem to work fine and are amazingly bright, recycling from full power in just under 2 seconds and at 1/2 power just under a second.  I haven’t had a chance to use them on location.  I also bought two, very cool remote firing mechanisms that I want to master.  They’re called PocketWizard Multimax’s and I also bought a Sekonic 358 w/ the transmitter.  It should be fun.  I hope they don’t distract too much.  They are supposed to have a flash duration fo 1/1600 at full power, which is not too different from the elinchroms, and a duration of 1/3200 at half power. 

The Multimax units sure are light weight and small.  I was expecting them to be bigger and heavier.  It kinda makes me wish the White Lightnings were lighter (they have entirely aluminum bodies, and pretty thick too.  I sure like the upper handle on the elinchroms.  The WL’s just about require two hands to carry comfortably.  The reflector is very thin and light weight.  Are the elinchrom reflectors thin and light too?  I’m going to get the sports reflectors that WL sells, they’re 11″ models.  I also want to get some big umbrellas and other related items.

I also found a good deal on a consumer grade alien bees light, but haven’t received it yet in the mail.

Take care–Matt


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