Shooting the swim meet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

All the event albums are sorted and ready for upload now and I am uploading them as fast as I possibly can. There is one more bit of sorting to work out.  I will go through all 5000+ photos and pull out the pool-side candid shots and put them in the 00 folder.  This will take some doing, so don’t order until I’m done.

About the pricing: My site works on the earlybird pricing method.  The photos will be available for the initial offering price until the expiration date. After the expiration date, the price will go up substantially and will not return to the initiall offering price again (unless something drastic happens).

Concerning photo gifts:  Shutterfly has announced that they will be offering pros the option to sell photo gifts at their sites before long.  This would include calendars, cups, mugs, and other similar items.  As they gave us no timeline on this new offering, I can’t say when it will happen but keep an eye out for it here.  I will contact the coaches when it happens so you can get photo gifts.  If however, you can’t wait until the deadline, contact me about special photo


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