This week I shot…

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This week I shot the Klukwan School photos, the ballet recital, and took a few shots of the Dick Hotch Tournament.

The Klukwan school photos turned out very good and I was quite pleased with them.  It would have been nice if more parents would have shown up with kids.  It was the first time I’d used all four of my strobes:

1) A Key light (main light), Alien Bees 800 reflected off a 32″ Umbrella set at 1/2 power.

2) A fill light, also in front of the subject but on the other side of the camera with the same type of 32″ Umbrellaset at 1/4 power on the lower setting.

3) A background light

4) and a hair light using an Alien Bees B400 with a 20mm grid.

I was not prowd, however, of the way the Ballet photos turned out. The middle section of photos were too bright, as I wasn’t shooting in Manual mode like I usually do in the Chilkat Center.  Next time, I may ask to shoot the dress rehearsal rather than the performance.  And I will definitely use metered Manual mode.

I hope people enjoy the pictures.  If you have any comments or quesitons, don’t hessitate to contact me.