Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Valentines day

Today is Valentines day and I have a hot date tonight!  Yipee!  Holly and I are getting a sitter for a few hours.  That will be fun.  I wish we could go to the Olive Garden, go for a nice walk, watch a good violent dark action flick, then read books quietly in front of  a fire.

Anyway, eleven albums expire tonight and all the pictures from the Haines vs. Petersburg series are now all viewable.

There are so many swimming photos that I will not be moving them into the archive gallery.  They will stay where they are but not have a link to them and the prices will change to match the archive gallery prices.  When space runs tight on the system, they may be removed at any time. 

I’m not sure why shutterfly has not removed some of my pictures.  I’m supposed to have 10 gigs of space there, but there’s no place for me to check my current usage.  And they haven’t removed any yet.  I keep waiting for the other foot to fall but it hasn’t fallen yet.

Happy Valentines Day.