Petersburg vs. Haines games are being uploaded as we speak… (or as I write).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Petersburg vs. Haines games are being uploaded as we speak… (or as I write).

It was fun shooting the Haines vs. Peterburg games this weekend but it was tiring.  I shot, for the first time, with two cameras to enable me to use a wider range of focal lengths without having to switch lenses.  I’ve now processed the first night’s games and am uploading them and sorting others.

Here’s an idea for enjoying the pictures as a slide-show, with music. 

  1. Pre-load the images, letting the slide show run unattended. 
  2. View them later, quickly, cached from your hard drive.
  3. Locate some of your favorite music.
  4. Play your music on speakers or head phones.
  5. When you view the pictures in slide-show mode, play the music.

Believe me, I know internet connections can seem slow, so try this technique to make the pictures load faster.  At night, or some other time when you don’t want to sit at the computer, load up a gallery of images from a game then start the slide-show feature on the web site, then walk away from the computer.  The images will load as fast as they can (which may be slow or fast) and your computer will cache all the images on your computer, in the usual speed, while you go about your business.

Later, when you visit the site again, the images will actually not have to load from the internet, but will simply load from your computer, if your connection settings are set to store enough space.  The pictures will load much faster once they’ve been cached on a local drive.

Music in the background really adds another dimension, as the pictures are displayed in sequential order, it really is quite nice, much better than slowly viewing them individually in silence.

Personally, I don’t listen to music much.  But the other night while the dance was going on at school, I was sorting images and really enjoyed it much more than I usually do because I could hear the music in the background.

Enjoy the pictures.  Contact me if you have comments or suggestions.

The dishes are clean. Holly is rocking the kids to sleep in the big black chair.  I’ve got to brush my teeth and turn out the lights…

That’s how things are here.  Hush, while the little ones try to go to sleep.