Klukwan School Pictures

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Klukwan school pictures

The pictures for Klukwan School were ordered this past weekend.  They should be out to the school by next week.  My windowed portrait envelopes aren’t here yet but I will probably deliver them to the school in some other type of envelope.  While I’m not happy about that, I think people will want to their pictures as soon as possible.

I ordered glossy prints and am not overly happy about that.  Next time, I’ll put an option on the form where people can select the type of prints they want, glossy or matte.  Also, next time, I’ll have window envelopes on hand and I’ll get the file numbers during the portrait sitting to help expedite things. 

After the expiration date the prices will be:  4×6 $6, 5×7 $10, Wallets $8, 8×10 $15, and 11×14 $25

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