Fashion Show

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I’ve now fixed the fashion show album so that it contains the group pictures taken at the end with all the ladies dressed in red.  These are nice group shots and are quite sharp, as they were taken at a low ISO with bright strobe lighting. 

I finally got the DDF showcase pictures loaded up and accessible.  There are some fun shots here, but there are not shots of everyone, as I wasn’t planning on uploading these, but was just primarily shooting for the news paper when I went.

Also, the Jan 2005 swim meet pictures have a link that allows access to those pictures.  There are about 70 albums of that event with about 5,000 pictures in all.  People kept buying them even though there was no active link and the early bird pricing had expired, so I figure the least I could do was supply a link to the site so people wouldn’t have to email me, or each other, for the link.  The reason I didn’t move these to the archive file page is there are just so many albums.  I don’t want to have to click on all those little boxes.  Plus they would really clutter up the archive page.

It’s been quite cold out here, compared to most of the winter so far, as the wind as been blowing.  Holly and I have still been walking to school each day with the little ones in tow, as has been our custom these last four years.  Mark now rides in a stroller and Luke goes in Holly’s back pack. 

The other day Holly fell down twice: once on her bum and once on her tummy on the way home (after dropping me at the school).  And it just so happened that Margaret, her mom, saw her fall both times.  Whew.  That wasn’t good.  So Bob came over with an axe to chop away the ice that was coating out sidewalk.  Now we she can go down the steps without falling, which is good.  Thanks Bob.  It’s my fault that the path up to the house had gotten so bad.  I really should have gotten a couple of buckets full of sand and brought them up to the house to sprinkle on the trail as I actually almost slipped on it the other day too.  I’ve fallen down twice so far this winter.

The 4-Runner is in the shop getting looked at (hopefully today).  I think the 4WD was making noise and we’re going to Anchorage for Spring Break.  We’ve been using Bob and Margaret’s Subaru to get the groceries and take the kids to the pool.  Holly’s a Wisewoman now and is looking forward to getting some reduced rates at places in town that offer discounts to Wisewomen.


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