Easter Weekend

Monday, April 17, 2006
Easter weekend

It was a fun weekend for photography.  The weather was semi-cooperative for the track meet–it didn’t rain, but it didn’t really shine either and the track was wet.  Many of the kids were shivering and red from the cold wind.  Covering a track meet by myself is a difficult thing to do as there is so much going on at once: sprints, discus, long-jump, and triple-jump.  Although I didn’t get to shoot all the events, it was fun to see the kids competing.

The Easter egg hunt and related events are getting better each year at the Elk’s Lodge.  This year the egg hunt was divided up into various age groups and went really well.  The little kids were able to get some eggs this year because they went first, then another older age-group went next and searched the playground, then the older kids went last and searched the woods.  Plus inside the lodge, things were more organized this year than last year and it didn’t seem as harried.

The Big Air snowboarding stunt competition had a bitterly cold wind that some weren’t prepared for. It was the coldest Big Air competition that I’ve been to. But even though it was cold, it was better than in years past in many ways: instead of just two types jumps, there were three: one for the beginners, one for the intermediate contestants, and one big ramp for the advanced.  I thought it was much better organized this year: things just continue to improve each year.  One improvement for next year will be that if it the weather turns out to be miserable, we might see the advanced contestants go first instead of last so that those that aren’t’ prepared for the cold weather can see the really good jumps and stunts.  Some of the crowd also thought it would be cool if there weren’t such long delays in which it seems like nothing is happening–perhaps a time limit once a contestant gets the go ahead.

The Easter Service at church was very nice too starting off with a potluck breakfast and finishing up early with family portraits followed by dismissal without Sunday School–which was nice because our little family was tired by then.

I hope you had as Good an Easter as we had.

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