Bad Thoughts at night


Do you remember when you were a kid and would try to go to sleep?  Sometimes it was easy.  You wouldn’t even have to TRY at all, it would just happen.  But then other times, your mind would start to go to work and terrible thoughts would come up and the harder you tried the harder it would get to go to sleep.

Well, that’s the way it’s been lately with our oldest boy.

Tonight, he stood up in his crib, which is right next to the ‘big bed’ as he calls it, and said to us, “I’m having terrible thoughts.  I’m having bad thoughts and I can’t go to sleep.”

I said, “What have you been thinking about, Mark?”

He said, “I’ve been thinking about a huge black bear.  A daddy black bear.  And mommy, and daddy, and Luke, and me are all trapped by the big bear.  And bears are mean, because they’re all afraid that someone is going to hurt their cubs.  And they have real cubs, not pretend, and mostly it’s the mommies that have the cubs.

So, I said, “Wow.  That’s tough I bet, huh?”

He said, “Yeah.  Because I know what a big black bear, or a polar bear would do to me.”

“What would he do to you Mark Daniel?”

“He’d kill me.  Because he’s afraid for his cubs.  Especially, the mommies are afraid for their cubs.”

Holly then told him some fun things to think about that wouldn’t be scary, and he settled down (he’s not asleep yet, but at least he’s not afraid anymore).

So, if you’re having a tough time getting to sleep, or if you know someone that’s having trouble.  Do what Holly suggested, and think of something fun and good.  I think you’ll go to sleep easier.

Take care, gentle reader.

Sleep tight.