A Day of Rest

Friday, June 23, 2006

With the running gear maintanence done on the boat for the year and the boat comfortably in its slip, today was a day of rest and quiet with the family.  I haven’t looked at the lazarette yet to see how my leak fixing went, but I’ll check that tomorrow when I fuel up.

Tomorrow is Luke Michael’s first birthday.  Wow.  It’s supposed to feel like the time just flew by.

But it doesn’t. 

It feels just about like a year went by since he was born.  Maybe next year will fly by real fast.  He can walk in a halting tentative manner now but when his brother comes nearby he often drops to his bum just to stave off a dangerous fall.  Tonight after I washed the dishes, they both climbed in the sink and played in the running water.

The men of note met tonight and we have three new members since last I was there: Kee Heywood, Tristan Sebens, and Marley Horner.  It’s nice to have some new blood in the group and they will probably do fine.  I understand that we’re supposed to sing this Saturday at the fair grounds ceremony for the community garden or some such: should be fun.

Holly is reading Dave Berry’s Guide to Life and chuckling at nearly regular intervals on her side of the bed.  Luke is sleeping the way babies often do, with intermittent crying.  Holly says he has numerous teeth that are about to come in and are probably causing pain.  Mark is looking at a pop-up book, Who’s Afraid of Tigers, in his crib and just accidentally ripped out a couple of people.  Groan.  I hate it when the pop-up people get ripped.  I guess it’s time to get out the clear tape…  I have to admit, I got kind of angry and said, “Why’d you rip them out?”

Holly said “Let’s try to say things in a positive way.”

To Mark she said, “How can we fix it?” 

She’s right of course. 

We need to always frame our words in such a way that success is pictured in the mind, rather than details leading down the road to failure.  I’ve noted that is is the best approach, but it’s hard to do.  I like it when I succeed at this with the kids at school, and with people on the street too.  Why is it do you suppose that this is sometimes difficult to do with family, or my own kids?  How can I frame that question in a positive way?  Or is it just the wrong question to be asking.

It’s important to ask yourself the right questions.  I’ll work on that.

Have a good night.