Conference in Anchorage

AMC Annual meeting at the Hampton in Anchorage

I’m at the annual meeting of the Alaska Math Consortium and there are many things that are real eye-openers.  I’m excited about some of the changes that will be made and how communication will be changing in the group soon.

I think it was an important to be here and have things to contribute and learn.
One things that’s wild is that the Hampton Hotel, here in Anchorage has a has a very fast Internet connection compared to home.  Which is nice because we’ll be working on our web-page and such. 

I’ve taken a few photos and will be trying to take some urban type shots today because one of the misconceptions people sometimes have about the math consortium is that it’s strictly for rural teachers.  That’s so far off base.  I want to take some photos today that we can put on our web-site to divest people of that notion.  The easiest way for them to know what size of schools we have in our membership is to look at our list of member schools, but today, people never look at long lists anymore when they aren’t personally involved in some way with it.  It has to do with the inundation of data in our society and how we are separated from the actual data by people and layers they create which automatically decipher it for us so that we will get something from it instead of skipping over it entirely.