Teaching Mark to Count by halves

The other day while we were out on a drive to take some pictures up at the eagle preserve, I heard Mark counting: “one, one and a half, two, two and a half, three, three and a half, four… ” and on up he went to ten.

I said to Holly, “Are you hearing this?”

“Yeah.  He’s counting by halves. Isn’t that wild?”

Then I said, “Wow. When did you teach hiim that?”

“I didn’t teach him halves.  He must have picked it up somewhere else.”

So I asked him, “Mark, who taught you to count by halves?”

He said, “Lydia.”

‘Lydia,’ I thought, how could this be? “Lydia who?”

“Lydia Green.” He said. 

“Wow.  How’d she do that?”  Lydia, I know is can’t really talk yet very much, and I’m

pretty sure she can’t count.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great kid.
Holly said, “Oh, of course.  Lydia Green is one and a half years old.”

“Yeah, but how did she teach him how to count by halves?  Can she even talk?” I said.
“No, no, no.  Mark was wondering how Luke and Lydia could both be one year old, and yet Lydia could do so much more than Luke, and I explained that it was because one and a half but Luke was just one.”

“Cool”. I thought.  My boy can count by halves.

Halloween! and the Harvest Party

The Harvest Party was great.

The Salvation Army did a great job, and I’m thankful they decided to hold the party this year.  Thanks also go to the ministerial association for pitching in as well.  Mark Jones did a great job with the music and sound, and although I didn’t get to see Pam Moore’s show, I’m sure it was entertaining and well done.

I’m wanting to do Christmas photos this year at one of the Bazaars, so stay tuned for that announcement and bring the whole family dressed up nice for your Christmas photo.