Need Fuel Oil soon.

This is my first post in a while.  It’s cold out and blowing.

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I haven’t had our fuel tank filled since December.  I hadn’t even thought about it since January.

I talked to Nishan tonight at the church potluck and he said I should get my fuel tank filled as soon as possible, because if it gets low, chances are there will get to be water in the line and then the stove will work intermittently for 1-2 weeks—not a good proposition in this kind of weather.  Recently he had a toyostove that had the fuel run out and it’s been quite a few days of watching to make sure it kicks back on after the fuel line gets clogged.

So, tonight after the potluck, I went out back and dug a trail to the tank then uncovered the top of it.  I don’t think that the tank has been filled since December. With a 275 gallon tank at 80-100 gallons a month, you can see why I’m a bit nervous about it all of a sudden, having thought about it and been warned about it.

I’m going to try to call them in the morning.

Also, the very top of the tank may need to be brushed off or something, but it’s pretty clear right now. The main thing I want to make sure we do is get that tank filled up again. I destroyed my plastic grey shovel when I hit the tank. So I need a new shovel now too.