Cold House!

As soon as I made that last post, I ran a quick errand, then I came back in the house and the Toyostove was flashing CL 02, which means no fuel. Wow.

I called Nishan. He had two five gallon jerry-jugs of #1 diesel he loaned me, so I went to his house immediately to get the fuel. I need to get those filled back up tomorrow and back to him. I broke the pouring spout off the top of one of the lids, perhaps you know what I’m talking about, the accordion looking translucent plastic funnels that fit the large holes just right. It was stiff and snapped instead of bending. Thankfully, I had one more spout with which to pour on the other jerry-jug.

So I need to get those two jugs filled up, and then buy myself two like jugs and fill them up and label them “Davis #1D” to keep laid by in store for emergency use just like he does.

Now I need to:

1)  call Delta Western and get fuel

2)  get a new shovel

3)  refill the jerry jugs

4)  buy my own jerry jugs and set them aside for emergency use.

That’s it for now.

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