Sicker than a dog.

I’m taking a sick day from school ’cause I’m sicker than a dog.

I’m not sure how dogs got to be ‘sick’, but I’m just going to go with it.

This all started on Wednesday of Spring Break in Anchorage when Luke got sick.  He was sick for three days vomiting and lying about in either my arms or his mothers or his aunt’s.  Saturday we drove home from Anchorage and it was when we went through Palmer that Mark Daniel started to vomit.  At first, all we had to catch the upchuck was a Costco-sized cheerio box–which as you’d imagine leaked like a sieve.  We left Anchorage at 10:30 am and drove straight through to Haines stopping only for fuel, with Mark waking up to vomit at various points along the way, causing quite a bit of excitement each time.  After two or three catches with the cheerio box, we switched to a SS pan that we bought at Wal-mart, as it didn’t leak.

The trip was totally uneventful until around 1:45 AM when we got to the airport near Haines at three mile, at which point the car went into a fishtail, then a slide, then a spin.  We ended up going rear first into the berm on the west side of the road missing the stop sign by about 10 feet.  I got out the shovel and started to clear the snow out from under the 4Runner so we wouldn’t be high-centered anymore.  When we were somewhat cleared out, I flagged down some passerby’s (I didn’t ask them what they were doing out driving around at that hour), and they helped us push the car out of the berm.

Sunday Morning, I was feeling a bit weak, but went ahead and emptied all the stuff out of the 4Runner then went to church.  By the time I got home I was feeling really bad (weak, tired, sore, high temperature), so I just hunkered down in the bed in a sleeping bag for the rest of the day. 

I’m getting better now, because I can sit up without the urge to vomit anymore–so that’s a good thing.  Mark is doing much better now too, and ate some of a grilled cheese sandwich that Holly made on our new 12″ SS grilling pan (I’m not sure what it’s really called).

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