Mark is still sick. Bummer.

When I got home from school, Mark, Holly, and Luke were all super excited to see me and ran up to give me hugs.  The house was in tip top shape and there was a lasagna in the oven about ready to come out.  Makes a guy happy to be a guy.  Not every day is like that.

By the time I had my coat off, Mark was vomitting on the floor–a huge full bore spewing that hit the carpet with a splash.  It was really quite something to see.  Holly ran in there as fast as she could with a pan and escorted him into the bathroom where he continued his activity.  I grabbeed a towel and mopped it all up, real quick like.  I guess were not out of the woods yet.

Mark said to Holly yesterday while I was at work, “I’m glad I don’t have a lazy dad.”  I think that’s cute.  Holly’s been reading stories to him about Jamie O’Roark, or some such dude, who is the laziest man in all of Ireland (or maybe it’s Scotland).  She reads it with a thick accent that’s really cute.

Taking care of kids is hard work.  When you add house cleaning, clothes washing, dish cleaning, and cooking it becomes a monstrous pile of tasks.  If you’re not the one that does most of that stuff around your house, thank your spouse or significant other, brag on them and give them a big hug.  If you are, then give yourself a pat on the back, and make the working spouse a nice meal, because they’re working hard too.  AND if you’re a single parent holding down a steady job, my hat is off to you.  That must be a lot of work.

There’s a thick layer of new snow on the ground and more still falling as I speak.  The snow is sticky this time and looks pretty fluffy.  It’s not got the thick (but not too hard) look of the wind driven snow we had the week before spring break, so I doubt if the machines will have much trouble moving it.  Plus the State DOT got out their huge snow blower and made the streets a little wider yesterday in anticipation of the coming snow.  My money says we’ll have school today.