Family Portrait

Jack & Family During Spring Break, we got out the strobes and took some shots of J6 using a basic three light setup: key, fill, & Hair

Here’s a picture of Jack, Jennifer, John, Joy, Joanna, and Jessica who we visited in Anchorage two weeks ago.  Betty helped me arrange everyone, we got them dark clothes to wear at Wal-Mart just for this photo.  I guess the sad part is that they just had a miscarriage a couple weeks before, or they would have been J7 before too long.  

The only real criticism I have of the shot is the overblown highlights on from the hair light.  When shooting with any lights, they should be adjusted when the subject changes position with respect to the lights.  Right before this shot, I’d been shooting people sitting down on a box, then for this shot we had Jack standing in the back and the decrease in subject to light distance caused the highlights to be to strong.  Oh, well.  We live and learn.

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