Good Weather, but a tough time at home…

This weekend was chock full of absolutely great weather! We went down to the beach on Saturday morning and played in the low tide.  Then we went to play at the week of the young child exhibits in the middle school gym, Next up was …

The BALLET show was at eleven o’clock for the 3-14 year old girls at the Chilkat Center .  That was a lot of fun for Holly and the boys.  I took pictures, and you can check them out on my website by CLICKING HERE!  It was fun for me too.  The best deal someone can get is by buying ten or more–as that gives a 40% discount.  Holly was in Ballet for many years as a young girl and says the girls have really come along in the last few years.  At first, we’d heard that there were some boys in the class, but I guess they all must have either quit, or gotten kicked out, because there were no boys up there yesterday.

So what’s gotten tough lately?  The home situation is a bit tougher now.  Just a minute…

Well, I guess it just got tough again, because Holly’s sick in the bathroom again–morning sickness (that’s a shoddy name for it, as she’s actually sick most of the day), as she’s expecting and due on November 10th or so.  When she’s nauseous everything is tougher because she’s not able to do the things she normally does–so I have to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, she normally does a LOT of things, so when I pitch in to help out, I normally just do some of those things–cook, wash dishes, clean up the place, fold clothes.

Lately, we’ve been housing these two beautiful Siamese cats, one male, the other female.  They are actually not quite full breed Siamese, but they look like it quite a bit to the untrained eye.  So, besides Holly being sick, we are getting cat hair everywhere and then there’s the smell of the litter box, whenever I have to clean it out.

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