Tough week: living in a log cabin

No one likes the smell of mildew in their home.

Here in our little cabin we had a kind of tough week.  I picked up the mattress to check under it, knowing full well I could be in for a bad sight, as our mattress was lying directly on the uninsulated floor.  When we got it up we were hit with the smell of mildew, or mold–actually I’m not very good at distinguishing between midew and mold.  So, I started moving the bedding out of the room and getting organized to clean it all.

I called my mother and she said I needed to mix some Purex with some water and spray everything down that had mold on it.  Purex is a laundry detergent and comes in at least two grades: with bleach and without.  I bought the type with bleach in it and mixed it 8 oz per gallon of water, then got a squirt gun and started spraying and scrubbing everything.

Bring in the big guns…

Then I called Nishan, who’s done quite a bit of work cleaning, repairing, and restoring things and he came over to look at it and said I needed to pull up the carpet–which would have been fine except that we have these two really heavy bookshelves in the room that needed to be emptied out.  When the Greens came over, Jim helped me clear out a bunch of stuff by hauling it into the boy’s room.  We pulled up the carpet then removed the carpet pad and looked at it real hard and decided the carpet and floor needed to dry out.  So we hauled the bulk of the items out of the room into the boys room then we put into the room a few things: Jim’s ozone generator operating in high mode, a heater to keep the room warm, and a fan to circulate the air around, and let it run for a day or so.

The furniture store had carpet pad rolls in stock, so I put new carpet pads down.  I borrowed a carpet stretcher from K.C. Thomsen and put the carpet back.  The way to stretch the carpet out is to do the long straight sides first, from midpoint to midpoint securing it as you go, then do the corners last.

The whole process wouldn’t have taken a week, if I’d had an uninterrupted stretch of time to work on it all.  But since life continued on in the house, albeit in a limited fashion.  I think I actually worked on it for about 5-6 hours and ran the ozone generator and fan for about 15 hours.

So, now we’re back in the main room again.  The only problem is, I can’t tell if it’s healthy to be in this room or not.  The boys seem to have a sinus problem, but people at Church said they had some sinus problems too, and I know they weren’t sleeping here in the room with us.

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