Busy Weekend: Taxes

This has been a busy, full weekend.

First off, I had to do taxes.  If I had nothing else to do, the taxes would be really fun.  I’m not just making a joke. I like getting to see how my numbers work out each year.  Did I earn enough money?  Did I spend enough money on things that add to the business?  Did I pay enough in taxes throughout the year so that I don’t have to pay any money in April?

In Summary, it was a good year for the two businesses I spent time on.  The fishing was great, a far better year than I’ve had at any time in the past.  And the photography worked out well too, due to some extra business I picked up on weddings.  It’s weird looking at the amount of deductible expenses I’ve picked up over the years: the two boys, the costs on the boat, the lenses, the fishing nets—it all adds up.  Thankfully, I am getting $500 back on my taxes due to the low amount of dependents I claim on my school paychecks.  Of course the Teaching taxes are always simple to figure, as there are no deductibles, no special accounts, no totals to find, really nothing but the IRA, and that’s a ROTH, so it doesn’t effect this year’s taxes at all.  Sometimes I’m tempted to go with a traditional IRA, but then I think of all those taxes I’d have to pay later and just stick with the ROTH IRA.  Holly topped hers off this year, and I was about $250 short for some reason.

I got sick this weekend.  Wow, it was a doozy.  Some sort of 24 hour flu, I guess. All of Sunday, I could barely get up and walk around because of the nausea and the sour muscles.  Thankfully, Holly had enough energy to keep the boys entertained so that I could rest up in bed and read.  The fever finally broke somewhere around 2AM because I woke up at 3AM feeling just fine.  Mark had a tough night though, as Holly and the boys slept in the living room with all the lights off—you know how that is when you wake up in a strange room and can’t recognize the surroundings.  I used to really get scared at times like that when I was a little boy.  I’d wake up and not know where I was. Then I’d be scared but hold still until my mind was able to piece together how I’d ended up in the strange place I was in.  We took three trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Then, finally, I just left the light on.  Of course Luke slept like a rock, because he was next to Holly all night.

Also, I took out the trash.