A Bicycle! (used)

On Saturday we went to the Annual Hospice Sale looking for treasures and we came away with a beginner’s bicycle with spring training wheels.  Of course Mark wanted to try the bicycle before the sale even began, so we were out in the parking together trying to get it to go.  The training wheels didn’t seem to stick out very far to me so I walked along side of him in a fatherly type of way.  I was instantly struck by the number of skills that go into riding a bike, even one with training wheels: mounting the bike, getting the pedals started, pushing down with the correct leg each time, sitting versus standing, stopping, watching where you’re going (at first he just looked straight down at his feet) steering to avoid obstacles–and these are all just the most basic skills.

Before too long, he went right next to a pothole and one of the training wheels went down inside the pothole and upset the center of balance he had and down he went.  Of course I was about 1.5 arm lengths away and so I didn’t catch him before he hit the cold ground with his bare hands.  Bummer.

I did scoop him up right away by the nylon covered fleece jacket he was wearing to keep the light rain and wind from getting him too cold.  It got a little bit noisy after that for a few seconds and I told him I’d stay much closer and hold onto his jacket. I decided I’d show him, later on when there was less emotion, about what caused him to tip over.

Of course Luke was watching the whole thing, so before he long ran up along side us saying, “Turn. Turn. Turn.” Which of course is his way of saying, “It’s my turn. It’s my turn!  It’s MY TURN!” So Mark and I agreed it was okay for Luke to have a turn.  Mark hopped off and I plopped Luke on the little seat and took him around the lot too.  His feet were too short to do anything but activate the brake on bike, so every now and then I had to put one of his feet on the chain guard and the other one on the frame–but he held on like a champ and kept his arms stiff most of the time as I pushed him basically in the back to keep him moving.

The rest of sale was a study in explaining to Mark that we were about to go home and ride the bike.  Yes, we’ll go home very soon…