“He’s whacking me!”

The other day, at the Green’s house, Luke wanted to get Lydia’s attention so he walked up behind her as she sat playing quietly by herself, minding her own business, and WHACKED her on the back. Lydia almost fell over. Holly saw it all happen and went over to chastise him and explain that we don’t whack people when we want their attention.

IMG_0270g Later Lydia’s mother, Shannon Green, explained to Holly, “I don’t think he was being mean. I think he just does that when he wants someone’s attention. Earlier, Luke was playing quietly by himself and Mark wanted to show him something he came up to him and WHACKED him on the back, and Luke just acted like it was no big deal.”

This morning in the shower, Mark whacked Luke really hard while Holly was fixing her hair, which looks beautiful by the way. It was quite loud. I know because I heard it from my position in bed. Holly was quite alarmed and was starting to scold Mark when Luke turned and whacked Mark right back. Wow, Holly about went through the roof then!

She got real serious and explained: “We are not a whacking family. That is not how we treat each other. We use our voices and we talk to each other. daddy doesn’t whack mommy, mommy doesn’t whack Mark, Mark doesn’t whack Luke, and Luke… Luke, you don’t whack Blacky (that’s grandma).

I thought that was funny.

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