Merry Christmas to All!

This is a ridiculous picture, but we did have a bit of snowfall last week.


We’re having a wonderful time here in Haines.  Holly and the boys put up the Nativity scene on the 24th.  Here’s Mark putting up the manger and baby Jesus.


There were plenty of presents to open.  Notice the snow in the process of slowly sliding off the roof.


Here’s the snow from the outside of the house.


We’ve been reading a lot of books to the boys over the break.


Holly is now 34, and looking great.  Margaret’s Lemon cake with whipping cream was very good, once again.


We had some pesto pasta on the 24th, made from scratch with the food processor.  The moisture on the front of the lens caused some strange diffusion and glare, as the camera had been outside all night.


John Caleb is turning into quite a photographer (actually, it was the self timer).


Well, send us a note and tell us how you’re doing this week.

Take care and Happy New Year!

Matt, Holly, Mark, Luke, and John Caleb

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