John Caleb is Three (months old)!

IMG_9939 cropped We took the John Caleb’s ‘three month’ pictures last night on the big bed. Mark and Luke got behind me, as I took pictures, to get John Caleb’s attention, Holly held up the black comforter, and we got this photo (and a bunch more).

You can see that he’s really coming along!  He smiles and looks around purposefully now and can hold up his head really well.  Also, he can kick himself forward if his feet have something to push against–you know how that is…  He can’t read yet.

Holly has made a baby album, from pregnancy, through birth, and up to three years old, for each of the boys.  The other day when Mark was having a tough time she got out his baby album and looked through it with him and he really was able to focus on all the love and support he has gotten through the years and get in tune with how much he wants to do what’s right in the family.  They like to look at each other’s books too with Holly.

Busy day today:

Today I had a list of things to do:

  1. fix the tub’s water mixing valve or replace it.
  2. shoot a basket for the Sheldon Museum
  3. fix the door to the carIMG_0130
  4. get sand on the drive
  5. shoot the triple threat tourney

The photos of the basket for Sheldon Museum went well.  Here’s a sample to the right.  It’s a very small basket, perhaps four inches high and five inches wide.  I used two little scotch tape boxes behind the lid to prop it up for the photograph and used butcher paper from Simon for the continuous tone background and one 47″ Octobox: exposure was ISO 100, 1/80, f/8-16, depending on the distance to the light which was at a 45 degree angle to the subject to camera right.

The tub is going to be better than it was before.  We’ve never tub spout in our tub, just a shower head, PLUS the tub itself has always been very very cold on the feet.  Now we have a tub spout, plumbed in, and a plan to insulate the cold from the tub, but I need to do some wood work to finish it off before we used it.  The original plumbing in the house is sweated copper fittings with rigid copper pipe–not my favorite.  I used two Sharkbite couplings to switch it over to CPVC which is much easier for a novice like me to work with.  The shower head and the tub spout are not rigid and strong like they used to be, so I’m going to redo those with rigid threaded copper that I will screw to the wall for a more secure fit.  I’ll include a picture of this later.

The door to the car thawed out on its own and did not require any fixing.

Both Holly and I put sand on the drive to improve the traction, but now it’s covered up by snow–bummer.

I’m off to shoot some of the triple threat tourney now.

Holly played defense all day so I could get the stuff done: Mark went to Dylan’s house and they all went to the pool for showers.