Why are our own kids SO fun to watch?

And why are stranger’s kids not so fun?

IMG_9083Today during lunch, Mark was trying to get Luke to hold his hand during the lunch-time prayer and not having any luck.  So he started to yell and him then he started hit at him and slapped him across the face then spilling Luke’s water across the table and ALMOST into my lap. Whoa!  That was unexpected…  So we sent him off to his room.

And of course we sent Luke too.  Luke WAS supposed to be holding Mark’s hand and praying with us.

It is easy for me to see Mark’s perspective on things: If someone is not praying with you, then it will surely help to yell at him.  And if THAT doesn’t work, start slapping him.  Sooner or later he’ll see the light.  Surely.

It’s this type of mentality that has gotten us where we are today, I suppose.  I’d like to blame society in general for this, and take the blame off myself, but soberingly, I am surely at fault.

Alone at the table with just Holly and John Caleb, I started watching him as Holly held him.  He was staring at the spoon and swatting at it with his hands as if he was interested in it, so I leaned over his way, picked it up and held it in his hand until his grasping reflex kicked in hand he had it firmly in hand.  Then I leaned back to see what would happen.  With a kid that small, I never know what’s going to happen: is he going to drop it on the floor, stick himself in the eye, hit Holly in the chest…? It’s impossible to say without watching.IMG_9889  Eventually, he did swing it around a bit, then he dropped it.

Life goes on, and I can be thankful that my three boys are interesting to watch. I have on occasion watched a video with a proud parent to see nothing more than the child smiling at the camera and asking simple questions.  I suppose part of it must be that we se ourselves in our kids.   I guess another question is this: why are a stranger’s kids so UNinteresting?

Well they aren’t uninterseting ALL the time.  We had a great time at a Birthday party on Friday with the Hansen’s and the Green’s at the school cafeteria and middle school gym.  The school is a great venue for large family or community gatherings, in my opinion.  Our church has been wanting to build a community center lately but I’d like to see how feasible it would be to use the church for social events like potlucks and such before we go taking out a huge mortgage on a secondary building.