Sony kills HD DVD.

It was sure fascinating to see the demise of HD DVD’s this past week. 

Wal-Mart and Net Flix came out with the edict that they were not going to carry the both of the new DVD formats but were only going to stock Blu Ray DVDs, within a week I get this announcement on PC Magazine’s website:  CLICK HERE!!

BLURAY Japan’s Toshiba Corp. surrendered in the high-definition home movie war on Tuesday, giving up on its HD DVD format after losing the support of key studios and retailers to the Blu-ray technology backed by Sony Corp. Go to for more details about Toshiba’s decision and analysis of this breaking story.

Having been in a family with a Betamax through the 80s and watching as VHS slowly won that battle in the living rooms of the consumers while Sony became dominant in professional studios with ENG companies, I’d expected a long protracted battle of the formats.  But it’s not going to be.  Weird.  I guess history doesn’t always repeat itself.

CLICK HERE for more of the news. 

IF I had an NTSC standard definition TV in the house, I’d be looking to get rid of it so I could get an HD TV, so I could buy a Blu Ray DVD Player, so I could buy some Blu Ray DVDs, so I could sit around watching TV.  Nahh…  I can do that later.

I was going to re-plumb the drain for the tub tonight but was stymied when the PVC drain kit I got was 1.5″ and the plumbing under the house is black 2″ plastic.  It happens.