A Barrow memory: First fight….

Fights are things best forgotten…

A long time ago when I was in third grade and we lived in the school at Barrow we needed to go to the ten-plex for a potluck.  I think ,back then, the teachers had a monthly potluck that moved around from house to house and it was potluck night (perhaps one of my siblings will fill in some details here).  I always liked the monthly staff pot-lucks as it was a fun time to get together with the other kids and play games like tag or eskimo baseball.

Barrow We lived in the end of the school that was the second to last house from the primary (which has since burned down) and the ten-plex was at the opposite end of the school, which meant we had to walk through the section of the school that was open to the public for open gym.  This was not a problem as we had the keys we needed to get through the doors.  Keys were a big deal up there because they were necessary to get into the heated sections of the world.  I was in the lead that day by a few paces, as mom and dad were probably carrying Betty, as she was  just a youngster, I have no idea how or why I was ahead of the two older bothers.

HS I went through the doors that led to the gym and ran around the corner trying to get  to the safe haven of the adult monitored section down where the locked doors were near the HS.  As I ran around one corner, Leo Kaleak punched me in stomach and knocked the wind out of me–he was a 6th grader and quite a bit bigger than I.  Oh that hurt.  I thought I was going to die and started to cry as soon as I could get some wind.  I’d never had the wind knocked out of me before, plus it was so unexpected. 

I went limping back through the doors where Jack and Andy were playing and told them what had happened.  Jack was not happy.  Leo was in his class.  We stuck together as we walked along looking for Leo so we could balaqtak him.  There’s safety in numbers.

When we saw him, Jack went right up to him and punched him right in the face.  He bent over to put his hands to his face and Jack kicked him right in the stomach.  Then he fell to his knees and vomitted right on the floor.  Then we all ran off to the HS doors so we wouldn’t get in trouble.

There were other fights I saw up in Barrow and other fights I was involved in, but this was the first real fight I saw that Jack was in that I can recall. 

At times, I wonder how life would have been had I stayed in Barrow or gone back there to raise my family there. 

Life would be different.  It would not be the same.

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  1. What a tale! Thanks for remembering it and posting it here.

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