John Caleb’s four month pictures

Holly likes to take pictures of the boys every month for the first year or so.

Last night we took the usual shots on our black comforter.  We got a black one so we could do this type of thing. I did have to spend 2 minutes cloning out a portion of the room that creeped in behind the blanket Holly was holding up.

It’s interesting how easy it is to get him to smile like that.  He mainly communicates by showing his moods: smiling, frowning, laughing, & crying. 

IMG_0441 To help facilitate the smiling, I enlisted the help of the older two boys.  It was fun to hear them encourage him to smile, speaking in their softest most gentle voices.

While the boys and I try to get him to smile, Holly holds up the background so that e have a background that covers up the distractions.  Here are some more shots: