The Family that walks together stays together…

Or walks real slowly.

IMG_0680 We went on a nice family walk the other day for the first time with all five of us.  Here are some photos…

Back when we were dinks (dual income no kids) we used to walk all the time.  Then when we had Mark Daniel, we still walked.  Heck, we even walked when we had Luke, for quite a long time.  IMG_0726But then when Luke got too big for the Baby Bjorn, we couldn’t keep him warm and Mom started staying home with the boys.

Currently Margaret comes over at 7:30 AM so that Holly and I can still go on walks together. She watches the boys while we get some activity.

IMG_0717Holly’s family is made up of walkers, whereas my family has a preponderance of eaters and TV watchers and hard workers.  

It was actually a pretty miserable day with IMG_0687 everyone getting soaked that really tried to have any fun (Mark & Luke)

John Caleb seemed to really enjoy himself.

But, still, we were together and had a great time.