Victory: Glacier Bears Return Home

The town threw a welcome home party for the State Champion Basketball Team when they got home today at 11AM on the ferry.

IMG_0411 Of course I was there taking pictures with Mark in tow.  There were great banners made by the fans.  The band played the school song and Final Countdown.  It was great to see our boys get home again and see the smiles on their faces that only success can bring. 

IMG_1151 It’s still hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact that they won the state Championship!  Wow.  I find myself holding up my index finger and yelling, “NUMBER 1!!!” as if I did anything.   When we left the ferry termial, I wanted to get in front of the parade so that I could shoot back at the parade as it went through town, but it was being led by two police cars with flashing lights and I thought it would be bad form to pass them.  So I waited until I got to town and then took a side street and made it down to main street before they could get there.  The only downside was that my camera settings got bumped to shutter priority at 1/30.  Bummer.  In a moving vehicle 1/30 is not a good speed.  I’d rather have 1/250 or 1/500.

Here’s a video shot by Mark Jones which I posted on YouTube.