More of the Pep Rally

Please keep checking back for more video footage (filmed by Jeremy Strong this time, using my canon camcorder on a monopod).  I will get more of this pep rally up in the near future.  I have a three-wheeled tripod dolly that would have been great for this, if I would’ve thought about it.  Oh, well.  Jeremy did a fine job, all things considered.

Holly is singing John Caleb to sleep.  It’s been a busy day.  We had a nice day: the big-brothers-big-sisters fund raiser was today, then there was a party at Steven Galinski’s house, then a nap, then a nice evening at the Green’s house where Mark got to play outside a bunch.

Here’s the first clip of the Pep Rally video. It’s all on my HD right now, but it needs to be split up like this in 3-6 minute sections.  YouTube has a 100MB file size limit which is pretty small for video.  It helps if it’s already compressed and if it’s 320×240 at 30fps.  YouTube then recompresses it which reduces the quality.

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