The TABLET is in!

And it’s better than I thought it would be.

Well, last Tuesday, I got the Motion Computing LE1600 in the mail  and started to learn how to use it.  I tried the two main tablet applications: Windows Journal, and OneNote.   I have to say that OneNote is an awesome program and that the LE1600 is a wonderful tool for lecturing on math.  The kids love it, I love it.  Frankly, it’s awesome.

I will go into detail later.  But it’s very easy to use and very intuitive–almost organic.  I really can’t say enough good about it.  The school bought the wireless adapter for it, so that should be in pretty soon too.

I am expecting to get MS Office 2007 with OneNote pretty soon too, and I simply can’t wait!

Also, I went to and ordered another GB of RAM too. 

More later…

Oh, I’m low on cash right now too. 

It happens.

Spring is coming!

The boys are starting to play outside again!

IMG_1846 Today, when I got home, Mark Daniel was outside playing for the first time in months.  And he didn’t even have his jacket on!  Of course he was doing what little boys typically do in the spring and fall: Climb trees!

The snow is melting fast and the rains are coming every third day or so, to help melt away all this ridiculous snow we’ve gotten this year.

Holly is not really in favor of letting the boys climb trees, because, as she says, “What if they can’t get down,” or ” What if he gets hurt while he’s coming down?”  Well, I don’t have a great response for that type of concern.  Usually, I say something condescending, like, “Well, I played like that when I was a kid too and I didn’t break any bones!.  Plus it’s hard to get too worried, because, after all it is just a small alder he’s climbing.