John Caleb is feeling better

A couple weeks ago, we went to a ‘pre-school’ birthday party with a bunch of kids that are going to be in Mark’s class and when we got there all the kids had a terrible cold: runny nose, cough.  I guess that happens sometimes. 

All the boys and I got sick for about a week, but it was the worst for John Caleb, since he didn’t know how to breathe through his mouth when his nose was clogged up.  This was particularly bad when he was trying to sleep.  I’ll not go into details right now…

IMG_1905Anyhow, it was a rough week, but John Caleb is finally over the hump and is back to being himself again.  AND, he knows how to breathe through his mouth purposefully now when he needs to.

One thing that I didn’t expect is that none of the boys, when they were born, knew how to breathe through their noses when they were congested.  IMG_1914bThey were all dedicated nose breathers from the time they were born and had  very difficult time breathing when especially when hey had a cold.  Eventually, they learned how to open their mouths.

Each morning, so that we can go on a walk together, Holly’s mother Margaret comes over at 7:30 AM to watch the boys for an hour or so.  The boys are just about always thrilled to have her here and are always eager to eat her food.  Luke customarily asks, “Blacky, do you have any cookies?”  What he’s asking for is some of Margaret’s homemade oatmeal cookies.

This morning as we were heading out the door, Holly pointed out that she had John  Caleb in his new outfit and he looked very cute dressed up as he was on the floor trying to read his book.  As soon as I noticIMG_1874ed the nice soft diffuse light coming in our large living room window, I had to get out the camera and join him on the floor for an impromptu environmental portrait of in his natural setting.  This is how I picture him, smiling at his mother while stretching out and trying to explore his universe, with his mommy there encouraging him each step of the way (while daddy takes his picture).