My Taxes are in the mail & the older boys are asleep.

Cha Ching!  It doesn’t get any better than this…

IMG_1936Today I went over to get some work done at school, then Holly and the boys came over to check out the Hoonah vs. Haines Jr. High Volleyball game. 

The boys were more interested in playing around in the room than they were in watching the game and I was too busy with stuff I had to do than the stuff I wanted to do (take pictures at the game).  Perhaps there will be a game tomorrow.

Today, John Caleb is just really making strides.  He can hold himself up on his elbows and smile really big!  His favorite thing to do is smile at Holly and have her pick him up.  That’s his best tool too.  She’s quite smitten with him (as is Pappa, Grandpa Plucker).  It’s impossible to get him to smile at the camera, as you might imagine, so Holly gets behind me and goo-goo’s, and gaa-gaa’s at him in a high pitched feminine tone.  I have to admit, it was really hard to decide how big to make this picture.

Three pieces of big news we heard today:  1) My first cousin Maurice & his wife Dasa are expecting a baby any day.  Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of that. 2) Another first cousin Jeremy & his wife Elisa are now expecting as well. 3) My mother is going on the HCG diet which is the subject of KevinTudeau’s latest book: “The Weight Loss Cure: ‘they don’t want you to know about.'”  This is really a bunch of information that is hard to get my mind wrapped around. 

I guess these things happen.