Is there Water in Heaven?

Holly had a discussion about Heaven today with the boys as they got ready for lunch.

“Pastor Ron says that we all get to heaven at the same time.” Holly said.

Mark: “That’s not right.  Grandma Madsen is in heaven right now, and we’re still alive.” 

IMG_0356She died last month.

Holly: “We don’t really know exactly how we get to heaven.”

Luke piped up right away: ‘”That’s not right.  You fly to heaven.”

Holly: “Well, yes.”

Later on, just before nap time, Mark said, “Mama, Is there water in heaven?”

Holly: “I don’t know if there’s water in heaven, but if there’s not any, I’m going to get really thirsty.”

Mark: “Can you look it up?”

Holly: “The bible doesn’t say whether there is water in heaven or not.”

Mark: “Not in the Bible, Mama; look it up on the Internet!”

Before Mark went to sleep last night he said, “Mama, do you think God will let us be whatever age we want to when we’re in Heaven?

Holly thought for a while and said, “Maybe so.  I’ll be 27.  That was the age I was when I married Daddy.”

Mark, who is five years old, smiled and said, “I’m going to be seven!”

3 Responses

  1. Awesome post! Awesome picture! Love you!

  2. sweet story, sweet picture!
    Love you!

  3. yes there is water in heaven .
    psalms 148:4 praise heavens of heavens and ye WATERS above the heavens. also read genesis chapter 1 God separated the firmament from the waters.

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