Nobody cares what we ate for dinner!

Tonight was left-over night…

One of the books I really want to get is a blogging book entitled: “No one cares what you ate for breakfast”  As you can tell by this post, I need to buy that book.

IMG_0094Tonight, Holly and the older two boys ate left over beans and rice, with chips and cheese and I ate left-over pasta with olive oil & parmesan cheese.

When I was growing up, Dad bought a dairy farm and everyone thought that milk was necessary for healthy bones and strong teeth, so we bought milk by the gallons.  With current research it’s pretty well established that the societies that consume the greatest amounts of milk have the highest rates of osteoporosis.  Interesting.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the milk was actually neutral, in terms of its contribution to health, but it turns out that much of the evidence points to milk actually contributing to poor health, especially as we get older.  Bummer. 

Now, the only time I buy milk now is when family comes from out of town to stay with us (and I’m happy to do it, ’cause I love ’em).  I figure we save about $10 per week by always drinking water with our dinners.  We do buy powdered milk to cook with.

I’m not a total idiot though, Milk still has it’s rightful place at the table: tonight, the only thing John Caleb ate for dinner was milk.

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