Prom 2008

IMG_4294This year, Prom was held in the Fort Seward Lodge, which has new ownership this year.  It’s kind of a lodge for snow boarders and extreme sports dudes in the spring now, whereas it used to have a wider appeal. 

The main dining room has a balcony around the top for more private seating where the food was placed, the central downstairs section served as the dance floor, with the booths being the primary hang-out spot for those that didn’t necessarily want to dance, or that didn’t have dates.  This stairway was really the only place to shoot a group shot of the four couples in the royalty without shooting down on them.

IMG_4081e All of the elected royalty was there for the coronation, but I almost missed it because no one came to get me.   The kids looked wonderful (some were more dressed up than others), and mostly had a good time.  There were a couple of mopers that sat around the periphery, but then again, aren’t there always a few of those who didn’t wind up getting a date with the one they liked?

I shot formal shots downstairs and had a real fun time doing that.  At first they wanted me upstairs, but I scoped out a place downstairs that had more room so I shot there instead.  I used two lights, one key light, nearly on axis, and an accent light above the subjects to the left (they’re right).

Overall, I think the effect was  fine, and the kids had a wonderful time.  Overall, I think the photos were pretty good, all things considered (they asked me to shoot the photos four hours before prom began.  But it would be nice to have some professionally done words that say “Prom 2008” or some such, so that later on people know what year it was. 

IMG_4185eOne thing I messed up on was an orange cord that ran down through the right-hand side of the frame.  It’s in a high percentage of the shots and could have easily been covered with black Gaffer’s tape which requires that I open up each shot anyone buys in Photoshop to clone out the offending orange cord.  On that note, I think I will just cover those cords in black tape the next time I open those bags–either that or buy about a ten foot black extension cord to add to the end of my other cords.