Here’s an Oil Painting I did today…

I like this one.

It is particularly fun to mix and blend colors, to swoop and swirl them, to go clock-wise one time and counter-clockwise the next, to pick muted colors and blend them in with rich colors and then pop them right next to some outlandish vibrantly bright colors.

Colors are cool.  BAM.

Capture1Here’s a picture of the screen when Ink Art is running. In the lower left-hand corner is the tool selection tool, and just above that is the tool size selector, it’s currently set to the oil paint brush that is 52% of it’s maximum size.

In the lower right-hand corner is the color selector tool.  To use this layout,  one selects the desired color from the vertical line spectrum, then then selects the tone of the color from black to white and everything in between. The red 1/4 ring near the bottom lower right-hand corner tells which color is currently selected.  There’s an eye-droper tool at the top of this tool which you can probably barely see that is very useful if you want to duplicate a color you already have in the painting or on the reference photo you can import.

If you haven’t gotten a cool painting program, I recommend Ink Art to you right away for oils.  If you want to do pencil sketches, use Alias Sketchbook Pro, as it has much better pencil algorithms than Ink Art.

Painting is cool.


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