Lisa Murkowski visits Haines (for the Beer Festival)!

On Friday, the last day of school, I was surprised when someone walked down the hall saying that Lisa Murkowski was touring the new school with Mayor Fred Shields. 

IMG_5160 cropedAt first, I wasn’t going to stop cleaning up my desk and just poo poo the whole ‘famous politician comes to town’ thing, but then I thought to myself, “Hey I’m a photographer.  I wonder if anyone is even taking pictures?  Well, if there is someone taking pictures, I can probably take better pictures with my equipment than they can with theirs.”

So off I went to find Fred and Lisa.  Of course it was easy to find them, as Fred was in fine form with his gregarious personality kicked up high after his recent moves in the assembly and securing a new city manager.  We thanked her for he votes on the safe school act and also on the waiver of ultra smalls schools needing their teachers to be highly qualified in all areas. There really is no way that schools like Stebens or Mountain Village can affordably hire 4-5 high school teachers that are highly qualified in each subject to teach under 30 kids, and there’s no reasonable way to expect a single teacher (that is teaching there for a few years) there to get highly qualified in every subject.  It’s often easier to just move to a bigger city than it is to pick up multiple certificates.

Anyhow…  I was surprised that she remembered me from her last visit.  She said, I remember you from before.  I frankly don’t remember meeting her last time, but people like her have a way of remembering people like me.  I was holding my camera with the flash mounted and the fongosphere installed and looking conspicuous, so I could see how someone would recognize that.

At first I tried to find something intelligent to say, but then realized quickly as I sifted through my memories that I have absolutely no idea what’s going on on the national level with education or politics, what kind of votes she’s made, or where she stands on any of the major wedge issues etc.  I did notice the recent check I got from the treasury and also the battle the dems are having for the presidential nomination.

So I started to focus on getting a good shot.  At first it was tough finding a good shot, because she was walking through darkened halls and there were no kids around, just teachers and they were almost in their work clothes.  But then Ashley invited her to throw the opening pitch in the first little league game and I knew I had my shot there.