Aquarium Restaurant!

I  went to the coolest restaurant (CLICK HERE!!!) at the huge mall in Nashville which is adjacent to the Opryland Hotel we stayed at.  There was a huge Aquarium in the center, surrounded by a salt-water fish tank with 4 inch thick polycarbonate clear stuff which hold 200,000 gallons.  Wow.

In the Photo below, you can see the tables on the left and the huge aquarium on the right Take special note of the 6 foot long shark swimming around and around and all the other huge fish.  This is one very impressive fish tank.  Also, take note of the imitation coral reef in the center.IMG_6948

This was a very impressive place to see.  If you ever go to Nashville, I’d strongly recommend swinging by the mall and going to this restaurant: especially if you have some kids.  The kids that I saw there simply loved it.  They couldn’t get enough.

IMG_7633 I just barely missed the feeding time when I first walked in, but was fortunate enough to see the feeding of the Manta Ray type fish which feeds of the bottom of the tank.  The odd thing was that they had to be fed by hand.  The diver had to lift up their heads (see the photo above) and put the fish in its mouth, which is on the bottom of the fish, otherwise they’d starve, as there’s nothing to eat off the floor of the clean tank.  Notice he’s feeding one with a black topside and there’s one off to his right with a spotted top-side.  Their underbelly’s were white.

IMG_7687  If you look really closely, you can imagine that you’re seeing his knife-blade proof gloves on his hands–I think they are a wise precaution.  Of course, the other fish were hungry too and were constantly trying to take the food from the diver.  It was quite fascinating.

The tank was so cool, I started looking around Nashville for things that 1-6 year old boys would like and found that they have a zoo too (CLICK HERE!!!).  It’s sure be cool to go down there during our Indiana Christmas break and spend 2-3 days checking out the sights in Nashville.  It’s just six hours from my folk’s farm down I-65.  Perhaps we could visit Nadine along the way and even hook up with the rest of the Way bunch along the way.


 IMG_7388One of the most unique things we saw in Nashville was a performer who imitated a vine named, Devine–get it: the vine.  She came out to the Cascades Atrium at 11:30 pm and 4:30 pm and performed for an hour each time dressed as a vine with green make-up and really long stilts on her legs and arms.  Here you can see her with her arms out in front while standing on one leg with the other leg kicked back behind her with her foot nearly touching the back of her head.

IMG_7349Here she is doing the splits against a wall.  If you look with discernment, you can perhaps see her two legs up against the wall with one of her legs pointing straight up and one leg point down.  Her arms have long ‘crutches’ in them and are being used to hold her up on the floor there.

I  guess she was just one of the employees there at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  It took an amazing amount of flexibility, strength, balance, and poise to do what she did. to help clear her away of pedestrians, “Stand back, may way for her,” she’d call out from time to time.

Making up the costume were leaves, grapes, branches and gloves.  The only part of her that was visible was her face, but that was green and purple, which was a pretty wild effect, as you can see.

IMG_7367One of her favorite tricks was to just walk up to something and wrap herself around it, then close her eyes and scan the crowd and stretch, then relax for a while. IMG_7482 Every now and then, she would single out a person in the audience and wrap her long limbs around them.

I guess the thing that strikes me the most about the whole thing is it begs the question, “Why do we have a person walking around impersonating an inanimate object?”  IMG_7292What would a feminist think of it?  Is there an underlying message here about women, or about vines, or large crowds?  How is it in society, that when we have a lot of people together in one place that it becomes feasible for a person to make a go of it dressing up like a vine and wraping herself around this and that with green make-up on. 

Don’t get me wrong here.  Everyone that I saw who saw her really thought it was cool. And I thought it was cool too.  But where is the place in society for this type of performer?  What role does this fulfill, the vine?  Obviously it’s a type of performer.

What about the objectification of women, is this something we need to encourage or not?  What is the roll of synchronized swimmers, or gymnasts, or dancers?

I guess the overall impression I got was that it was beautiful and amazing that she had that type of balance and strength and got to “show off” each day on a stage that she made for herself.  But I have to admit, it did have an element of ‘freak show to it.’