John Caleb can pull himself up to Standing!

I was gone for a week, but he’s really changed in that short amount of time.  His smile is thankfully the same.

IMG_7870When I left to go fishing and to the conference, John Caleb was just about to sit up by  himself.  He could stand up if you placed him in a standing position, but wouldn’t stay there for long.

Now he’s doing so much more.  His favorite thing is to crawl over to something he can stand up with, and literally pull himself up to standing and look around for a while.

After that, he tries to grab onto stuff and suck on it some more: thankfully, he still has no teeth so he’s not destroying stuff yet.  The down side of having no teeth is that he can’t chew up stuff yet, so it’s all it’s nothing but pablum still.

In the evenings, when Mark and Luke take their baths, he loves to stand next to the tub and watch the meyhem.  After the bath comes the tooth brushing, then the piano playing, then it’s bed-time story, then time to sleep, which is usually around 8:30 PM.  Holly is doing a great job with the boys over the summer, with Margaret pitching in a GREAT deal while Holly is working at the library.