John Caleb Meets Senator Stevens!

  I’m not sure what his political leanings are just yet, but we took John Caleb to meet the senator anyhow.

IMG_8255cSenator Ted Stevens is in town to give speeches, shake hands, and dedicate a frog, or some such thing, out at Klukwan.  This is the Second Senator we’ve met this year in Haines.  Cool. Lisa Murkowski was here for the beer festival back near the end of May.

The meeting took place at the Bald Eagle Foundation Building from 7:30 to 9 AM on July 5th and just about everybody who’s anybody (or WAS anybody) in Haines Politics showed up.  Robert  V., Doug Olerud, Fred Shields, Roger Schnabel, Bill Thomas, Tim June, Chip Lende, etc.  It was fun to jump in there at the start of the question and answer time to get a grin-n-click photo with a baby.

PS–in order to get John Caleb to grin at the right time, Holly pinch/tickled his leg, while I made silly baby sounds.