Potty Training…

This morning we got some insight into Luke’s thoughts

Lately, he’s been using the bathroom instead of his diaper.  This is a great trend for our family. Holly and I have always seen the whole process as potty training, or as we say it to Luke “getting him to go poo poo and pee pee in the toidee.” 

Today while he was eating breakfast, I asked him if he was going to go in the toilet, and he didn’t say anything in response for a while.  Then I asked him if he understood what I wanted him to do, he said he did.

“I’m learning to use Pullups.”

After his breakfast, he went in to the living room and asked Mark, “Mark, will you share your pull-ups with me?”

Mark said, “Yes.  I will share them, because by the time you need them, I will be too big for them.”

Luke was JUMPING WITH JOY at that one.

IMG_8469 “Mommy, d’you know what Mark just said?  He said he will share his pull-ups with me!  He said he will share his pull-ups with me!  HE SAID HE WILL SHARE HIS PULL-UPS WITH ME!”

Then he started jumping up and down with both feet (a new skill, really) with a huge grin on his face.  I tried to recreate the moment here on the left, but couldn’t get the smile to appear (use your imagination).

By Luke’s joy at the announcement of Mark’s willingness to share, you can probably see that we are still working hard on getting them to share.  But it sure was a nice time in the family.

Also, it’s interesting to note the difference in outlook towards potty training that Luke has compared to us.  We want him to get some control, so he doesn’t go in his diaper, but goes to the potty in the toilet instead.  But he’s not interested in that at all really.  What he wants is to be more grown up like his brother, who uses underwear all day and then uses pull-ups only at night.

I wonder, in how many places in life the perspective varies like this from what is actually required.  For instance, I wander how many people want to be in a committed relationship but really need to work on being less selfish so that the can fulfill the needs of others.  And how many people want more money so they can buy the things they want, but what they really need is to get some more training or move to a different town or location so that they can get a better paying job.  Also, I wonder, in how many ways am I not seeing what actually needs to be done in my life so I can move forward on my goals.


What about you?