First 2009 Senior Photo Session: Jackie Moody

For some reason, all the senior photo sessions I’ve had have been guys.  Not anymore.

IMG_8692 selective color compound vignette Val Moody called up a few months ago and scheduled a shoot for Thursday, and even though I was removing my engine from the Windbreaker, I took some time off to shoot the photos she wanted. 

We shot some of her in three different outfits, she had her make-up the way she wanted, and her sister came to hold the reflector.  We did some with flowers in the background and some with stones and rusty things.

IMG_8750 IMG_8786b&w IMG_8730

IMG_8745  IMG_8761 IMG_8762

IMG_8715 IMG_8629

IMG_8648 IMG_8614


Wedding: Alex & Kendra got Married on Saturday

I had a great time shooting the Jones-Knight Wedding out at the golf course.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful day. 

IMG_0103This was an interesting wedding to shoot because I think it’s the first ceremony I’ve shot that was made up of primarily people I knew or met, initially, in the Haines School, as a teacher.  As the Bride and Bridesmaids were getting ready, Amy asked me, “Mr. Davis, did you ever imagine that we’d later all be in a wedding and that you’d be the photographer? Is that totally weird or what?” 

IMG_0113 cI didn’t have an answer at the time.

Here’s the deal: We live in a small town, and we know each other here.  When I see a  former student in town, SOMETIMES I think of what it was to have them in class, but usually I don’t. Since we see each often and we hear about each other’s lives when major events happen, it turns out, that the things we do, big and small, matter.  Everything we do says something about who we are.

IMG_3502 cWhen I see a former student I haven’t seen in a while, I wonder, “How are you doing?  Are you happy?  Are you spending time with people you love?  Are those people treating you right?  What about life, and your future?  Do you have kids? Do you want kids?  Will you have kids?  What would those kids be like?  What things in life are important to you?  Do you help other people?  What job(s) do you have?  Are there dreams you still have that you still hold dear and want to work towards?”

Often, with three boys, a wife, 2-3 jobs, and everything else going on, I don’t have the time to talk to people about things like this.  But that’s often what I’m thinking…

IMG_3796With Alex and Kendra, I ask myself, will they be happy forever together?  I think that’s a  funny question, because I think of my own life and I ask that question, I just have to laugh.  No one is ALWAYS happy.  How silly would that be. And how boring?  Life is tough. Life is fun.  Life is a lot of things. And there are lousy things that happen and good things that happen, and there are beatiful wonderful things that come along that you just didn’t expect.  I will say this about my own life: marrying Holly, and starting our family, raising my boys with her (and Margaaret) is the best thing I’ve ever done.  I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  I look forward to the coming years and I want to see how all this turns out.

IMG_4012 c Alex and Kendra are great couple.  They are certainly a good looking bride and groom and I pray they’ll have a wonderful rich life together, as long as they both shall live (or however the saying goes).  I think of the home they will forge together and what type of family they might have and I have no idea how that will look.  I had no idea of those things with my own life when I was just getting married either, and that’s fine.