First 2009 Senior Photo Session: Jackie Moody

For some reason, all the senior photo sessions I’ve had have been guys.  Not anymore.

IMG_8692 selective color compound vignette Val Moody called up a few months ago and scheduled a shoot for Thursday, and even though I was removing my engine from the Windbreaker, I took some time off to shoot the photos she wanted. 

We shot some of her in three different outfits, she had her make-up the way she wanted, and her sister came to hold the reflector.  We did some with flowers in the background and some with stones and rusty things.

IMG_8750 IMG_8786b&w IMG_8730

IMG_8745  IMG_8761 IMG_8762

IMG_8715 IMG_8629

IMG_8648 IMG_8614


2 Responses

  1. Hey, Matt! I am at a Holiday Inn Express this morning. Hope you are all well. I read the text of your most recent blog posts but can’t see the pictures on this computer at the hotel. I will look forward to seeing them when I get back home.
    Love you!

  2. Great senior pictures posted here, Matt. I like the black and white shot with the color on the orange poppies and I like the pose on the white bench with the model’s face in her hands. Good work!

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