10 Things I know are true

Here’s a list of ten things that are true.

  1. No one cares what I ate for lunch (Peanut butter & Honey sandwich on home-made bread).
  2. Family members are more important than others.
  3. Kids are a LOT of work.
  4. There are different types of friends, not all friendships last forever.
  5. When you have kids, you will see your best traits reflected in them.
  6. When you have kids, they will magnify your worst traits and give them back to you in sades, so be a good example.
  7. Some foods make you sleepy in the afternoon when you eat them for lunch, and other foods give you energy.  Pay attention to how you feel, and think back to what you’ve eaten lately–they may well be related.
  8. Eat too much sugar and you’ll become pre-diabetic.  In today’s world, this is especially true for our youth.
  9. The next time Holly wants to clean out the pantry, I won’t start a fight about it.  It’s nice having a clean pantry.
  10. It’s important to discipline one’s children, but that is easier said than done. 

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