Sleeping in the living room.

Luke got sent out to the living room tonight for talking instead of being quiet.  Holly told him to count to five.  Then Holly took pity on he and John Caleb and went to sing and rock them in the big black chair. Mark and I were left in the bedroom.

Mark: “Daddy, If Luke gets sent out of the room for the rest of the night, do you know what he should do?”

Me: “No.  What should he do?”

Mark: “He should just sleep on the floor.  Do you know why?”

Me: “No.  Why?”

Mark: “Because, I’ve slept on the couch before, and do you know what happened? I fell on the floor.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Mark: “I’ve done it.  Luke’s done it.  John Caleb’s done it.  Sometimes it’s not too bad and you just wake up. But other times, your head hits the floor and it really hurts. That’s why I would just sleep on the floor.”

Me: What if the floor is hard.

Mark: “My sleeping bag.”

Me: “Oh.”

3 x 13 = ? Happy Birthday to Me. 39.

August 12, 2008

IMG_9261c2 It’s that time of year again: Time to get older.  Time to do my favorite things.  Time to sleep in, have pizza for dinner, eat Margaret’s masterful Carrot Cake, take pictures and blog about life.  My boat’s still awaiting the two big gears from Twin Disc, so I couldn’t go fishing this week.  It feels really odd to be in town but not to be out fishing, but perhaps it’s best this way as the teaching school year starts up on Monday with a week of in-services and training days.

The years march on by, like Nazi troops IMG_9098 high stepping in a parade, or perhaps like pure water trickling down a stream towards the sea.

What have I done with the years?  Has the time been well spent? Are they still ‘my’ years, or are they someone else’s years, with me just running on a treadmill as I try to keep from stumbling. There are so many ways of evaluating the days of one’s life, it seems, as we look around at all the different types of lives people choose to live.

Why is it that we ‘SPEND’ our time.  This monetary way of considering time might lead one to believe that time can be earned, invested,IMG_9250L saved, and spent on necessities, or frivolities.  And perhaps it can.  Why do normal people decide to have children and become parents?  Is it because they love to change diapers?  Rock babies to sleep, continually mop the end of the table under the high chair, or fold clothes in the pantry.  Perhaps this is how one ‘earns’ time with loved ones, by doing the chores of life that no one would choose to do on a birthday. 

IMG_9160c  So what did I do on my birthday?  Usually, my siblings and immediate family, dad & mums, Jack’s family, and Betty’s family usually get together on my birthday, but this time they weren’t able to make it.  So the question is this time, what did MY family do for the birthday?

  1. 8 AM: Holly went on a walk with Donna with the two older boys while I spent time with John Caleb.
  2. 9 AM: Then she went to the stores for the groceries.
  3. 10 AM: Even though it was a rainy dismal day, in many respects, we decided to have some fun outdoors and went on the battery point trail out to the beach.
  4. 12:15 PM: We came home and had chips & cheese (Mexican lunch)
  5. Then we had nap time.
  6. Then Holly made Pizza while Bob & Margaret came over to help out with the child care
  7. We had the Birthday Dinner, with Maddy Swift came over so Dave & Donna could have a date night.
  8. Then we had the Carrot Birthday Cake that Margaret made.
  9. Then Dave & Donna came by for some cake.
  10. At 7:30 PM, we put the boys in the tub to start the bedtime routine.
  11. 7:50-8:20 PM, Holly supervised the bedtime snack so I could do a blog.

I like blogging because it’s a calm relaxing activity that hopefully will be a record of things to come, so that in the future the boys will be able to look back at what type of things we did when they were small.  Also, I can keep in contact with family this way.

IMG_9218It was a bit tough getting out there to the beach on the battery point trail with the three little guys and only two adults with one child back-pack.  We forgot to  bring snacks and water.  I think the little guys walk much better if they have some refreshments along the way.  Also, we didn’t bring any wet wipes and we had an accident along the way that was a bit of a mess to deal with, not having the appropriate tools.  Thankfully, the backpack did have some diapers in it.  I think, as a minimum we need to have some wet-wipes, diapers, food of some sort (trail mix, or fruit, or dried fruit, or energy bars or something), two child back-packs, and at least an empty water bottle, if not two, so we could get some water along the way.

Dave says that sometimes on birthdays they get a coffin from the hardware store and have a wake for the birthday person instead of a party.  They read a eulogy and tell stories and such.  That sounds like it would be fun to do to someone, but wouldn’t be something that I’d necessarily like to have done to me instead of a birthday party.

This next photo is not critically sharp, for you critics out there.  It’s got an interesting kind of blur.  Here are the specifics: ISO 800; 1/50, 19mm.  Normally, just glancing at the photo, I’d say that the image had some camera shake blur, but notice that the boys, in the center of the frame, are pretty sharp.  This type of blur is actually caused by zooming during the exposure.  I was in the process of zooming from 22mm to 10mm when the image was taken.  The center of the frame will be sharper than the edges in this type of blur.  This effect can also be done with a Photoshop filter with greater control, but with less immediacy, satisfaction, and, dare I say it, pride.


Jack and Jennifer’s family called, then Andy called with his family, then Mom and dad called. 

It was a nice day.