Sleeping in the living room.

Luke got sent out to the living room tonight for talking instead of being quiet.  Holly told him to count to five.  Then Holly took pity on he and John Caleb and went to sing and rock them in the big black chair. Mark and I were left in the bedroom.

Mark: “Daddy, If Luke gets sent out of the room for the rest of the night, do you know what he should do?”

Me: “No.  What should he do?”

Mark: “He should just sleep on the floor.  Do you know why?”

Me: “No.  Why?”

Mark: “Because, I’ve slept on the couch before, and do you know what happened? I fell on the floor.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Mark: “I’ve done it.  Luke’s done it.  John Caleb’s done it.  Sometimes it’s not too bad and you just wake up. But other times, your head hits the floor and it really hurts. That’s why I would just sleep on the floor.”

Me: What if the floor is hard.

Mark: “My sleeping bag.”

Me: “Oh.”


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